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Poet and Academic, Prof. Moisés Park, from Baylor University

Professor Park returned to City College via Zoom to give a presentation in our Gender, Race, & Latinidad course, on October 27, this Fall. His presentation covered a number of issues dealing with identity, including masculinities, sexism, racism, Latinx identity, prejudices against Asian communities in the U.S. and in Latin America, and the inherited, “2nd-hand orientalism” expressed in Latinx and Latin American society. Drawing on the analysis from his article, “The Latin Dragon: Remasculinization of the ‘Oriental’ Male in Marko Zaror’s Films,” Professor Park talked about the martial arts films featuring the Chilean actor, Marko Zaror, who is of Palestinian descent, and the contradictions about Asian and Latinx identities in Chile and other countries in in Latin America.

Photo from Dr. Park’s last visit to our campus, Feb. 2019.

Having grown up in Santiago, Chile, in the Korean-Chilean community, Dr. Park also spoke about his experience as an Asian man in the U.S. You can read his poetry in Y el verso cae al aula and his other academic work on his academia.edu page.

You can get the link to watch the recording of our Zoom class under Guest Speakers.

Below are a few screenshots of our class during the presentation.


Neighborhood in Santiago, Chile

Left: stereotypical image from martial arts films; center, cover from Dr. Park’s poetry collection Y el verso cae al aula; right, part of our class on Zoom on Oct. 27, 2020.